About us

Axion Studios is an independent company providing video game outsourcing services for developers all around the world since 2006.
We are located in the vibrant city of Hong Kong and are working with great and experienced artists from around the world.

With decades of experience producing game art, we provide a full range of quality services at competitive prices.
Our focus is to deliver the best custom made digital assets 100% in-game ready.
We’ve been part of the production team for PC games, Consoles (old generation and current) and handheld devices for genres as varied as Action, Adventure, RPG, Strategy, Sport, Casual, Cards, Horror, …

Our team is easy to work with, we deliver quality work on time to match and surpass your expectations!

“Axion Studios were really easy and good to work with. They had really good communication and took feedback and revision really well.
The quality of the work was even better than expected and we came in with high expectancy to start with.
It is the second time we collaborate with them and we will definitely come back in the future. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality work.
One thing worth mentioning as well is that even in the COVID crisis they managed to maintain their professionality and not drop down on anything.
Highly recommended!”

Damjan Gjorgievski, Senior Game Artist, Armada Interactive

“Axion offers fast and high-quality 2d and 3d work for all stages of development, ranging from concept arts to actual game assets.
It has always been a pleasure to work with YanYan and her crew and we´re looking forward to expand our work with Axion in the future.”

Philipp Döschl - Products & Development, FDG Entertainment GmbH

“N-Space chose Axion as an outsource partner to provide 3D modeling and animation support with the vast number of characters in our latest game, Heroes of Ruin.
Axion offered competitive pricing, quality work, and fast turnaround during our tight production chedules.
Yanyan and her team had excellent communication and provide quick revisions to any art notes given throughout the process.
Axion proved to be a great partner during our production and we could not have completed the game without them.”

Chris Bromby - Art Director, N-Space

“We enjoyed working with Axion Studios, they were attentive and helped us along the way with our project.
They were easy to work with and had great communication.
I look forward to working with them again in our future endeavors.”

Tim Lin - Senior Art Manager, IGG Inc.

“Axion produced fast and beautiful artwork for the cutscenes for our game.
They worked with us through all stages and has been a pleasure to work with YanYan and her team.
We are very much looking forward to working with them again in the future.”

Kevin Leathers - Senior Producer, Wired Productions