Cat City Needs Your Help!

Octopus JoJo is covering the city with goo, help our friendly cat crew battle this sticky foe!
Match cool cats to score points, get high scores and complete challenging levels.

BOOMBOOM Cats! is a free to play cat match 3 mobile game and is currently in Beta.
Join our team and Play-test it with us!

Join the Beta

Cat match 3 mobile game with a BOOM

  • 100 levels through 5 unique environments.
  • For cat lovers who enjoy playing match 3.
  • Daily free gems and heart to help you complete challenging levels.
  • New cats will join your crew in higher level.
  • Invite your Facebook friends and compare high scores for more fun.
  • Get 3 stars on every level.

Beta Test

Features ready for testing

  • Google Play Beta [Android]
  • English and Cantonese language
  • 100 playable levels
  • 8x boosters with awesome effects
  • Life, gems and boosters shops
  • Leaderboard to compete with your friends
  • Login and share with Facebook
  • Re-fill life
  • Continue failed game
  • Get free gems
  • Music and sound effects
  • How to play tutorial
  • In-game bug report system
Join the Beta

Features under development

  • Additional language support
  • … more to come

Version History

– New map reward system added. Unlock buildings on the map to get free boosters, life and gems.
– Prices and quantity for boosters and gem packs have been updated. Gem packs now give much more gems per pack.
– Updated some early levels to make them easier.
– Facebook login, share and the leadboard are now all back up and working.


– Adjusted the max FPS and MSAA settings
– Improved texture compression


– Fixed missing materials on 3d backgrounds for map 4 and 5
– Fixed offset squid position on the map
– Fixed players’ information display problems on the Leadboard.
– Fixed a camera bug where it would snap into position rather than move smoothly.
– Fixed a match 3 item generation bug where the wrong color would be generated.
– Fixed a match 3 infinite match loop bug.
– Fixed a bug with the limited continue, fill life and free gems where the player would close the ad without watching it, canceling the reward, but the limit would be deducted.
– Fixed a “0” score display bug on the completed level UI.

Level 1 to 40 have been updated for a smoother difficulty curve.
All booster’s visual effects have been re-done.
Big explosions will now shake the screen.
Selected boosters being used are now highlighted during Match 3 games.
Audio effects are now managed to ensure they will not be too loud when many are played at the same time.
Music is now fading out instead of stopping instantly.
During timed levels, the timer will now stop when pausing the game or purchasing gems and boosters.
Score display is now animated.
Time limit and moves limit are now animated and colored red when they have reached 10s and 5 moves respectively.


FPS has been reset to use the device’s own FPS target.
All graphic files have been better optimized into atlases and compressed.
Various optimizations have been made to make the game and levels load faster.

Fixed Bugs

The result screen will now show the correct star count instead of always 3 stars.
The wand booster will now always randomize items to a totally different color (when possible).
The tutorial is now showing the correct stripped cat direction.
The sound effects and music are now turned off when the game is not in focus.
The extra time and extra moves booster buttons will now add the correct amount of time and moves.
The avatar will now move correctly to the selected level instead of sometimes not reaching the level.
The match 3 level will now wait for all items to drop before showing the win or lose screen.
The time limit and move limit alert will not play if the effect sound setting is turned off.
Matching 2 knit ball together will play the correct sound effect.
Fixed a bug where the map level would get a lower star rating than the current one.
Fixed a bug where the Win and Lose screen would be shown at the same time.


We’re currently updating the Facebook login system, this should be back up and working in the next patch.

First Alpha release.