FUN! Color Book with all kinds of categories !

FUN! COLOR BOOK is a free to download educational game designed for children of ages 2 to 8. It contains 54 drawings to color.

This digital Color Book will help your child explore their creativity while having fun. Kids can choose from a wide range of drawings ranging from Alphabets, Animals, Flowers, Vehicles, Underwater Animals, Fruits etc.

Children can easily scroll and pick any of the 36 colors they like in the color palette to paint beautiful drawings.

Once you are done coloring, press the “next” button to enjoy a short animation of your colored art.

This app contains no advertisements and does not ask for any information.

Play if free with 4 drawings that can be colored as many times as you like.
More drawings can be unlocked inside the app.
If you choose to fully unlock the app, you will be eligible to obtain future additional drawings for free.

Best Coloring Book for Children!

Key features:
⭐ Contains 54 awesome drawings to color with more to come in further updates.
⭐ Perfect App for children of ages 2 to 8.
⭐ Contains 36 colors to choose from.
⭐ Learning Alphabets and more.
⭐ Coloring auto-fill designed for kids.
⭐ Easy to use.
⭐ No Annoying Ads.
⭐ Extremely Kids Safe.

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