Lovely presents for your game!

  • 5 present boxes
  • 5 Halloween boxes
  • Animations
  • Particle Effects with scripted playback
  • Demo Scene


Demo :

Open the scene “Demo Scene” located in the “Presents 2D Pack” base folder.
This demo scene demonstrates how you can display animated presents as well as using sorting layers.

Prefab Presents :

They are located in “Presents 2D Pack/Prefabs”.
They each have an “Animator” and “Present FX Player” components attached to them. (see below for more details about those)

Materials :

Sprites are located in the “Presents 3D Pack/Sprites” folder.
Each present is made up of multiple sprites, those are grouped into texture atlas by Unity.
Each present has been assigned its own Packing tag / atlas, this can be changed if you’d like to group them all into 1 texture for example.

Animation :

Animations and Animator controler are located in the “Presents 2D Pack/Animations” folder.

Each present prefab comes with an Animator component with pre-assigned animation clips.
Animation playback can be handled through script or you can simply change the default animation for each Animator controler.

Each animation has been assigned an Event used to display particle effects at the right time, those events can be edited in each animation.

Particle Effects :

This pack comes with various effects, they can be placed in the scene by hand, using your own script or using the “Present FX Player” script attached to each present prefab.

The “Present FX Player” script displays the effects you assign for each animation.
You can adjust the “Size” number to add more than one effect.
If no effect is assigned the script will not display any effect.
You can also fine tune the position of the effect by using the “Offset” xyz coordinates.


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Version history

Initial release

– Fixed a minor bug to position the particle effect before it starts playing.
– Changed all sorting layers to use the Default layer to avoid missing sorting layer error

– Added 5 new boxes for Halloween.
– Added 3 effects for Halloween.
– Added a new demo scene for Halloween.