Colorful shiny presents for your game!

  • 2 present box shapes
  • Custom PBR Material for infinite variations
  • Christmas and Valentine’s material presets
  • Animations
  • Particle Effects with scripted playback
  • Demo Scene including Skybox and ground snow


Demo :

Open the scene “Demo Scene” located in the “Presents 3D Pack” base folder.
This demo scene demonstrates how you can display animated present models.
It includes a snow ground mesh and a skybox used in the lighting of the scene (PBR material).

Prefab Presents :

They are located in “Presents 3D Pack/Prefabs”.
They each have an “Animation” and “Present FX Player” components attached to them. (see below for more details about those)

Materials :

We’ve created a Substance PBR material for those presents (located in “Presents 3D Pack/Fbx/Materials/Present”. This substance comes with various default materials, you can create more using the “+” sign on the substance material.

When creating a new material, choose if you’d like it to be for Present A or B model, those cannot be swapped.
You can then change the color, Metallic and Roughness for the Box, Ribbon and Pattern.

The box has a “Sparkles” slider which adds a sparkling paper effect to it (works best with reflective material settings).

Assign an image to the pattern slot, it will act as a mask to apply the pattern color all over the box.
White color will fully apply the pattern color and Black color will not apply any pattern color.
We’ve provided some graphics to get you started, you’ll find them in “Presents 3D Pack/Patterns”.
Finally, you can adjust the Pattern placement with the “Tiling” slider as well as the “Random Seed” button.

We’ve included zipped material theme presets located in “Presents 3D Pack/Fbx/Materials”, such as and
To load a material preset just unzip the file into the same folder, this should overwrite the existing “Present.sbsar.meta” file with a new one. Switch back to Unity and the new materials should automatically appear.
Be aware that loading a preset will overwrite and erase your existing presents material settings.

Animation :

Animations are located in the “Presents 3D Pack/Animations” folder.

Each present prefab comes with an Animation component with pre-assigned animation clips.
The default clip is “Idle” which has no motion.
Animation playback can be handled through script or you can simply change the default animation for each prefab.

Each animation has been assigned an Event used to display particle effects at the right time, those events can be edited in each animation.

Particle Effects :

This pack comes with various effects, they can be placed in the scene by hand, using your own script or using the “Present FX Player” script attached to each present prefab.

The “Present FX Player” script displays the effects you assign for each animation.
You can adjust the “Size” number to add more than one effect.
If no effect is assigned the script will not display any effect.
You can also fine tune the position of the effect by using the “Offset” xyz coordinates.


Version history

Initial release

– Added patterns for Valentine’s day
– Renamed substance materials to generic names
– Added zipped material themes presets for Christmas and Valentine
– The Valentine’s materials are loaded by default
– Fixed a minor bug to position the particle effect before it starts playing
– Changed the particles to simulate in Local space