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This pack contains all the western game assets you need to Quickly create your own town !

  • Complete buildings ready to use
  • Building parts for walls, floors, doorways, windows, roofs and more
  • Decorations such as fences, barrels, boxes and more
  • Vegetation usable as terrain tree and details or as standard prefab
  • Windows and doors animations
  • Terrain textures
  • A demo scene as seen in the video
The Western Town Pack is perfect for Mobile and top-down PC games.
It is Optimized for high frame rate even on mobile platform.


  • As much detail as you need

Buildings seen in the demo range from 3.5k to 20k triangles, this is including all decoration and vegetation that goes with the building prefab.
Individual model parts have a low triangle count, this gives you the freedom to add and adjust the amount of detail your game needs.

7000 triangles
12000 triangles
18000 triangles
  • Optimized Textures

Materials are Standard PBR materials using Albedo, Metallic and Normal map textures.

Buildings and decorations are combined into an atlas, a texture variation (“M2”) is included.

Vegetation has its own atlas.

All ground textures are separate files, they do not use atlas.

  • Low draw call and High frame rate
Shared materials means you can display a large quantity of houses, decoration and vegetation with a Low draw call and High frame rate.
  • Demo scene included
All videos and screenshots were captured directly from Unity.
Open our demo scene, press play and enjoy the real time visual quality!
  • Start right away
Quick-Start your project with Ready-Made building prefabs.
Combine elements to create an Unlimited number of Custom Buildings.

Prefab such as walls, doorways and windows have been created with “Slots” for you to drop fitting prefabs directly into place.
Shutters fit into Windows, Doors fit into doorways, Windows and Doorways fit into Walls.
Single slot name for doors “_D”, shutter “_S”, window “W”
Double slots names for doors “_DD”, shutter “_SS”, window “WW”

Once you have placed a door or shutters, you can choose an animation to be played automatically.
Animations for “open” and “close” can also be used during gameplay by scripts.

Since all prefabs have been setup with colliders, your new building can be play-tested immediately.

Tumbleweed will roll in the wind and collide with the environment, they are affected by external forces such as Windzones.



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Is this pack suitable for any kind of game ? (Top-Down, FPS, etc…)2017-12-24T21:32:03+08:00

Here is our recommendation for the Western Town Pack v1.2 :

For PC games : it is suitable for Top-Down games or any type of games where the camera does not come very close to the environment, which means it is NOT suitable for FPS games.

For Mobile games : it can be used for any type of game, it has been optimized for it.

This is mostly because textures are optimized into atlases.
On one hand, Atlases will help you get great frame rate even with a lot of elements on screen.
On the other hand, 3d elements have been UV-ed with only a small portion of the atlas, leading to low resolution texture if seen up-close.

Do buildings have an interior ?2017-12-24T20:08:29+08:00

Western Town Pack v1.2 do not include any interior.
Doorways are fading to black.

What are the textures resolution ?2017-12-24T20:21:04+08:00

V1.2 of the Western Town Pack includes :
Vegetation 1x texture atlas 4096×2048 (Diffuse/Normal)
Buildings and Decoration 1x texture atlas 4096×4096 + 1x texture variation (M2) atlas 4096×4096 (Diffuse/Normal/Metal/Smoothness)
Ground 5x textures 2048×2048 (Diffuse/Normal)

How long does it takes to create a new building from scratch using this pack ?2018-01-04T19:04:46+08:00

Once you are familiar with all the prefab elements, creating a small building from scratch should take about 10 minutes to assemble.
The building shown in this video took about 10-15 minutes.
Some of the more complex buildings prefab included in the pack took around 30 minutes or more to assemble.

Version history

Upgraded building atlas textures to 4096×4096
Upgraded vegetation atlas textures to 4096×2048
Upgraded ground textures to 2048×2048

Added a new House prefab “House_10”
Added a new House material “WildWest_Houses2”
Saved all existing house prefabs using the suffix “_M2” with the new material
Added the demo scene “Demo Scene_M2” using the new house material

Minor fixes:
Woodpaths – border UVs updated to match path texture
Cabin – fixed UV distortion
Door DD v3 – UV updated for wood frame to match the door
Door DD v5 and v6 – Model updated, central part deleted
Doorway D v1, D v2, DD v1 – fixed UV distortion
Doorway DD v2 – UV updated to fix texture seam
Roof W6D6 v3 – UV updated for roof texture to tile
WallEdge H3 T2 – Reduced triangle count

Added a procedural Skybox

Initial release

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